Monday, December 2, 2013

Tribute video to all who have died and survived chemical terrorism attacks


This video includes images and photos I collected from Google images of the September 15,1963 Birmingham, Alabama church bombing victim,the April 15,2013 Boston Massachusetts Boston Marathon bombing, and the August 21,2013 Ghouta chemical attacks that occurred in Ghouta,Syria.

I think all acts of terrorism or hateful. These acts of ignorance never solves our political, cultural or religious conflicts. The end results of these types of terrorist attacks loss of innocent life and grieving families.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why are children being killed in Syria's civil war?

Last time I read about the Syrian civil war that is currently being fought between forces loyal to the Ba'ath government and those seeking to oust it, I didn't see any mentioning of children taking on the role of soldiers or rebels in the two-year long civil war.

However there are more than 11,000 children who have been died in a war being fought by uncivilized grown-ups.One hundred twenty-eight  of the children who were killed died of chemical weapons, according to a British group.

According to The Oxford Research Group study "764 children were summarily executed and 389 killed by sniper fire."

The Oxford Research Group study report is terribly disturbing.Even though no children initiated the Syrian conflict or apart of the arm forces participating in the armed conflict they are being targeted viciously.

The children living in the Syrian war zones have to live in constant fear and wonder if they will die in a conflict they do not even understand.

I don't know why children are being killed in the war or even being perceived as enemies.
I do know that any person willing to kill an innocent child is a person who should  be captured and put
a way in a underworld that I call HELL!

Why is it such a difficult task to get rid of chemical weapons?

Illustrative photo of the USS Kearsarge steaming into the Gulf of Aqaba (photo credit: Official US Navy Imagery/File)

After reading a Reuters article about the current dilemma the Organisation for the  Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is having in finding a place to destroy Syria's chemical weapons I became frustrated.

It appears that it's easier to kill hundreds of children with these evil poisons rather than to simply find some place to contain the evil devils and destroy them.

According to Reuters, some sources say that Syria's chemical weapons could be destroyed at sea.
However the OPCW stressed that there has been no decision made to destroy the chemical weapons at sea.

However the OPCW did say that destroying chemical weapons at sea was " technically feasible."
Even though technically Syria's chemical weapons could be destroyed at sea Ralf Trapp, an independent chemical disarmament specialist, said "Syria's stockpile would require more complex treatment than the World War Two bombs that Japan found on the seabed, raised and destroyed off the port of Kanda from 2004-06."

Trapp also said that burning them in a process known as hydrolysis would also be a potentially dangerous process due to the environmental pollution problems the burning process could create.

After reading the "Exclusive:Syria's chemical weapons may be destroyed at sea," I realized something.
And that something is that it is easier to do evil than good.People can easily kill others and terrorize our the world.

However finding ways to prevent such terrifying atrocities such as the killing of children with chemical poisons is our societies most difficult task.

I want to keep believing and having faith in knowing that some how some way good will prevail over evil and this world will be a better place.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Now that the Syrian chemical weapon beasts have been tamed, whats next?

Now that Syria has destroyed all its declared chemical weapons mixing and production facilities The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are having a difficult time finding a country willing to host the destruction of the evil poisons. 
According to the Associated Press "Not a single European Union nation came forward on Monday offering to host the destruction of Syria's poison gas stockpile,with many instead calling for the arsenal to be eradicated close to Syria itself." 
In a speech,Mr.Rama said it is "impossible" for the Balkan nation to take part in the operation.He also said no other nation have stepped forward to house a facility to dismantle the weapons.

The Foreign Minister Didier Reynders advised the OPCW to send experts and technology to the site in Syria so that the weapons can be destroyed in Syria's backyard.
I learned that  the final phase in destroying  the Chemical weapons stockpile is risky so I really can't pick a bone with the EU country leaders and civilians who seem to basically be saying"HELL NO WE WON'T HOST!" 
However, I will definitely feel a sense of relief once the weapons has finally been destroyed. Until then, we we are all just waiting to see who will reach out to OPCW with open arms for the devilish stockpile of chemical weapons. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I wish a 40-foot statute of Jesus could stop chemical warfare

Syrian rebels and local militias halted fire while organizers set up huge Jesus statue
Syrian rebels and militia of Sednaya halted fire while Jesus statute was being set up in midst of Syria's civil war  Image Credit: Free Republic

The Washington Post reported, "in the midst of a conflict rife with sectarianism , a giant bronze statute of Jesus has gone up on a Syrian mountain, apparently under cover of a truce among three factions in the country's civil war."

According to the Washington Post,"Al-Ghad ban said that the main armed groups in the area Syrian government forces,rebels and local militias of Sednaya, the Christian town near the statute site-halted fire while organizers set up the statute." 

On the Cherubim mountain"Jesus stands arms outstretched , over looking a route pilgrims took from Constantinople  to Jerusalem in ancient time."

When I read about this amazing development in the ongoing Syrian conflict I wished a statute of Jesus could have could have influenced the Ghouta attackers to refrain from firing missiles  containing lethal chemical materials.

I couldn't help but wonder if there had been a massive statute of the Son of God in the Markaz Rif Dimashq suburbs, if Ghouta attackers would have felt condemned before they unleashed their evil wrath  just by seeing the Good Shepherds' face.

I wish a statute of  Jesus would give the Syrian rebels and militias and other other forces love peace  and grace.

Monday, November 4, 2013

I saw 43 seconds of hell on earth

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I have seen a lot of things in my life time. I have seen a lot of ugly things. I have seen the evil
inside of man. I once saw a young man bleeding from a gunshot wound right under my window.

I even saw deceased person laying on a busy street pavement while on a rainy day.I have seen monstrous disasters like the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that took 230,000  people chance away
from seeing another sunny day.

On television I have seen riots, masses of angry protestors and mobs. While riding on the Chicago
CTA 'L'I have even seen people robbed. Nothing prepared me for the things I have seen. Just
as quick as my eye blinks I am consistently bearing witness to another evil thing.

Some things I have seen may have been Gods will. Other things I have seen had me believing
that on this day God must have been ill.God must have had a bad day and needed to some time
 to chill.

When I saw a baby victim of the Ghouta attack struggling to hold on to every breath I wished
my eyes could see no evil or witness human suffering and pain. I almost wished I was blind so
I could no longer see hell on earth again.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What are chemical weapons and what are they supposed to be used for?

Chemical weapons or rather chemical agents have been used since World War1 to injure, demoralize and kill individuals considered to be an opposition force, rebel or enemies in times or war. They have also been used by radical terrorist seeking to make a social or political statement.

 In the YouTube video Truthloader channel talks about what chemical weapons are and what legitimate purposes they are sussposed to be used for such as preventing"the multiplication of cells, or as fumigants, herbicides or insecticides" according to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

 Although chemical weapons can be used for positive purposes throughout history these agents have been used to destroy like and eradicate thousands of people. Just like cocaine, chemical weapons were not considered to be socially destructive or even dangerous a few decades ago.

However humans began to use chemical weapons irresponsibly and for their own selfish reasons.

 Leaders of countries and radical groups desperately seeking to obtain control and demonstrate that they have power has relied of chemical weapons in the same manner that coke heads rely on cocaine.

The more frequently these weapons are used for evil the more corrupt our world is gradually becoming. It seems that now whenever a leader or radical group wants to fend off their enemies or silence their critics they rely on chemical weapons to do the job for them instead of simply having face to face discussions,debates or making compromises with each other.

 I don't believe God intended for humankind to settle their disputes with poisoning each other and causing massive human suffering just to say they were the last one to have the last word in an argument. But somehow our society has grown to believe that they must used chemical weapons as their new boxing gloves as they are lethal fighting each other in a boxing ring until they both sides are completely knocked out.